Subject Selection

Making good choices

The Subject Selection application provides a set of carefully controlled choices for students to select their learning preferences.

Providing a list of subjects for students to indicate preferences is easy. Applying rules to these choices that will conform to the school's timetable is what makes this application critical for your school. With Subject Selection you will be able to add rules to the available subjects, for example: pre-requisites, exclusions, minimum selections, optional selections, mutually exclusive options, and maximum numbers.

Students (or parents) will be able to access the application from their home computer or a smartphone. Users can be pre-authenticated or self-authenticating. If the student (or parent) do not possess a computer or smartphone the selection process can be assisted by school staff.

While the Subject Selection application is specifically designed for use with selecting subjects, it can also be used to assist students in selecting co-curricular sports and other activities.

  • Optionally include additional information on a subject
  • Optionally include a fee on a subject
  • Integrates with the Interview Booking for a Course Counselling interview

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