Permission Slips

Increase parent engagement

Engaging parents in decisions around their child's education is always a winning option. With this application every staff member can engage with the parents/guardians on questions about inclusion/exclusion of a lesson, or questions in regard to difficult topics.

Three types of permission
  • Staff compose an SMS message as a question, the message is sent to parents. The message can optionally contain a link to an additional page of information about the request. Each parent can then reply with 'Y' or 'N' or some other textual response to the question.
  • Staff compose a permission slip using information blocks and questions. The parents step through the information and at each question they can select an option or type a response, finally submitting their completed questionaire. The request can be sent to the parent via SMS or email.
  • As for the permission slip above, but at the end of the question and answer section the parent is prompted to print the response document, sign it, and return it to the school.
  • Optionally require a signature using pen on paper. While we also support electronic signatures it is often difficult to tell whether these were signed by the parent or the student.
  • For standard sets of questions, for example medical information, the school can configure a standard template, when this is used on a permission slip the parent's answers are stored for use on future forms where this same template is utilised.

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