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Timetable - Week B

LOVE GOD, SELF, OTHERS : FOCUS FOR THE WEEK - PB4L - WELCOME BACK. Love God, Love Self, Love others! during Level 2 by following the Level 2 rules to keep our college and country safe. Most important social distance and NO PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER.

Gospel value for this week – KINDNESS– E Te Atua, Thank you for the people who look after us - our teachers, parents, relatives, the police, doctors and nurses. Help us to act kindly towards others. Amen Ashley

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Thank you to the students who came to the recycled school uniform free for all in the canteen yesterday. It was very successful. We will have another in a few weeks. If you have uniform or shoes that you no longer fit and they are clean and in good repair please bring them to ET so others can reuse them. Remember our Pope has called for us to build a sustainable world for future generations and to share our resources with each other.

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2021 Sports Award ceremony will be a bit different this year because of alert level 2. The recipients will be sent emails to let them know they have won an award and then only the recipients will attend the ceremony with some supervising staff. We will record the ceremony and take photos with trophies and will share them with all of you and our community. The ceremony is on Friday 5 November at 12.15pm. Students will sit socially distanced in seats with their name on. IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT RECEIVE AN AWARD LOOK OUT FOR THAT EMAIL and get your dress uniform ready.

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THANK YOU Wainui school bus students - I was very proud to see you masked on the bus yesterday afternoon and the bus driver was very impressed so well done! Remember all students 12 and over must wear masks on school and public transport.

Please make sure you have a mask in your school bag. WE ARE SELLING SCHOOL REUSABLE MASKS FOR $5. THEY ARE BLACK AND HAVE OUR SHIELD ON THEM. Buy them from the school office.

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Sports and Cultural photos will be on Wednesday 3 November. Make sure you check your school emails for the schedule of appointment times. Teachers and parents will be emailed the schedule this week. NO TEAMS will be wearing sports uniforms. On the day wear dress uniform and make sure you are well groomed and looking good.

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Yr 11 / 12 and 13 - Ms Kent is requesting that you return any outstanding library books back to the library. If you are still reading a fiction book and want to finish it, or you have issued a study guide and want to keep it for the exam period that is absolutely fine, but you must see Ms Kent to let her know. All other books must be returned. If you have lost the book, or it is damaged, or you have forgot what book you have then just let Ms Kent know, you will not be in trouble. Thanks!

Year 11 - Anshuman, Edward, Braidyn. Michael, Daniel, Justin, Ahnee, Jayden T, Samuel, Vante, Ethan and Lucas

Yr 12 - Luke, Jack B, Ieti, Noah, Vele, Pahi, Dominic, Kelly, Ese, Levi P, Riley, Dom, Ma'a

Yr 13 - Angelo, Robert, Lameko, Sean, Zac D, Isaac K, Ben Y, Isaiah L , Damian

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Tokelau Language Week 2021 - Celebrated online: Sunday 24 October – Saturday 30 October.

This year’s theme for Te vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau– Tokelau Language Week is: Tokelau! Tapui tau gagana ma tau aganuku, i te manaola ma te lautupuola which means Tokelau! Preserve your language and culture, to enhance spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Low coral atolls like those that make up Tokelau are formed from a coral reef that has grown on top of a submerged volcano. The actual land consists of sand and coral that has built up on the surface of the reef. The atolls of Tokelau sit on extinct volcanic peaks.

Try saying Please in te Gagana Tokelau - Fakamolemole

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Your Library is open 8.30 - 4.00pm every school day, so if you need to prepare for the day, print off work, research some assignments, prepare for exams, or just want to read for a while then please come and use the space!! Teachers are also welcome to use the library for tutorials, as there is lots of group work space too.

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Futsal Fixtures for TODAY (Friday);

1st Half of Lunch - STB Vs Shush FC

2nd Half of Lunch - Sunday School Vs Swifties

Futsal Fixtures for NEXT WEDNESDAY;

1st Half of Lunch - Syon's Mass Vs Shark Doubles

2nd Half of Lunch - Team M.A.W Vs God Squad V6

All students

Driving Lessons: Are you wanting free driving lessons or were you on the waiting list for lessons? Call into the Careers office to check your status or to sign up please.

All students

Softball - junior (year 9/10) training on Monday after school. Please meet in front of gym.

All students

Learner Drivers Licence Courses: December 6-10th or Dec 13-17th at Walter Nash Stadium. All free. See Ms Lomax if you want to sign up for this.