St Bernard's College


Monday 28-May-2018

All Year Levels1. Prayer

Timetable - Week A

LOVE GOD, SELF, OTHERS : FOCUS FOR THE WEEK - Respect for others - means look after yourself so you can look after others, treat women as equals, treat others as you would have them treat you.

Gospel value: HONESTY: Dear Lord, We pray that you give us the courage and strength to always tell the truth and take responsibility when we make poor choices. AMEN anon


Timetable - Week A

LOVE GOD, SELF, OTHERS : FOCUS FOR THE WEEK - Respect for others means look after yourself so you can look after others, treat women as equals, treat others as you would have them treat you.

Gospel value for this week – Honesty– Is being truthful or not deceiving or pretending eg telling the truth when you know you did something wrong, owning up when you know someone else is getting the blame for your mistake, saying how you truly feel 

2. Special Character
World Vision 40 Hour Famine: Any one interested in taking part in 40 Hour Famine June 8 - 10 see Dalles Rhiley for sponsorship forms or come to D10 and collect these off Mr Carew.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) is starting soon and some girls from Sacred Heart are joining us! Let Mr Boon, Mr Sutherland or Mrs O'Brien know if you would like to receive the Sacraments for the first time. 

3. School Routines

ALL STUDENTS MUST STAY ON THE PROPERTY AT BREAK TIMES for health and safety reasons(EXCEPT YEAR 13 for lunchtime only and only on foot). If you break this trust you will need to make up time with your tutor teacher at the next lunchtime. If you would like to discuss this expectation ET will be happy to talk with you.

ICAS Maths and AMC maths competitions are coming up, grab an entry form from your Maths teacher. Entires Close on the 4th of June!
Posters in the toilets: you may have noticed the posters about books which we have put up in the toilets around the school. Unfortunately within 24hrs of being put up one has been damaged in the toilets in the main block. If you are so desperate to have a book poster Ms Kent would be happy to print one for you.
C.Cooper and R.Manuele please return your Library books as they are reserved by another student.
F.Sie and B.Lowe please collect your reserved Library books
5. General-Seniors-Tuakana
Army holiday program: July 16-20th. (second week of holidays). If you wish to apply give your name to either Ms Lomax or Mrs Birkby.
Careers: can I see Conor Peoples; Austin Campbell; Penaia Kupa asap please.
Law Careers: If you would like to go to an Otago university presentation on Law Careers see Ms Lomax
Brick & Block careers: anyone interested in a Gateway placement doing brick & block - see Ms Lomax asap
6. General-Junior-Teina
10JAP - meet at M15 at period 2 today
Yr76. General-Junior-Teina
ICAS science is tomorrow(Tuesday) period 1 and part of period 2. The following Year 7 are to go to C6 with Mr Higson: Malachi Baron, Fraser Ccampbell, Thomas Doyle, Bevan Ellis, Benjamin Housden, Trent Longstaff, Michael Lopez, Euan Montecarlo, Alex Stodart,Caleb Thompson, Andreaus Williams, Harrison Raynor, Sean Hillard
Yr86. General-Junior-Teina
ICAS Science for year 8. This will be tomorrow(Tuesday) period 1 in C6 with Mr Higson. These boys are to attend please: Patrick Byrne, Harrison Campbell, Nathaniel Graham, Cameron Hall, Miguel Herrera, Fintan Hobbs, Noah Hughes, Noah Jefferson, Sean Keenan, Syon Krishna, Kohein Rona
Yr96. General-Junior-Teina
ICAS science is tomorrow (Tuesday) for year 9 students. The following students are to go to C1 prior to P1. Leti Ah Young, justin Aylor, Solomon Baron, Gerard Cabauatan. Luke Collins, Ansunding Conteh, Gus Johnson, Ryan McDermott, Henry Mellor, Noah Mingins, Ben Taylor, Jack Tetley, Luke van Campfort, Dontai Nirai
Yr106. General-Junior-Teina
ICAS science is tomorrow (Tuesday) in H13 with Mr Andic. Get there just prior to P 1. The following students to attend please: Abraham baron, Sean Cajilog, CallumCoyne,Jack Keenan, Isaac Kelcher, Marcus Kowalczyk, Isaiah Laing, Colton Longstaff, Russell McCullough, Max McGuinness, Wung Pan, Saran Ramachandran, treion Raquid, Conor Stewart, Kaelin Van Driel,Ben Waiwai, Kane Wallace, Jonathan Watkinson, Benjamine Yopung, Sam Humpharies. (there are 2 spare places.
Yr115. General-Seniors-Tuakana
ICAS science is tomorrow (Tuesday) period 1 in C1 with Mr Harrison. These students are to turn up please: Carlo Cigaral, Mustapha Conteh, Jacob Horne, Quintin Johnson, Pablo Nunro-Roland, Kaelin Nguyen, Paddy Roberts, Tomas Senek, Stefan Tyrbula, Zane van Campfort, Ethan Windle. Alex Watson, Luka van Dillian
Yr125. General-Seniors-Tuakana
ICAS science is tomorrow (Tuesday) in C6 with Mr Higson for P1. These students to turn up please: James Alding, Joe devine, Will Johnson, Ben Kong, Jamie Locke-Weir, Aldre Rosario, Tahuariki Ross-Hotene, Jet Zawada, Daniel Henderson.
Yr135. General-Seniors-Tuakana
ICAS Science is tomorrow (Tuesday) P1 in H13. Please be prompt: Gio Cigaral, George Roberts, Caleb Carrasco, Tom Richards.

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