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Thursday 21-Nov-2019

All Year Levels1. Prayer

Timetable - Week A

LOVE GOD, SELF, OTHERS : FOCUS FOR THE WEEK - PB4L - Walking quietly around our school so the senior students doing NCEA exams can focus and do their best. 

Gospel value for this week – GENEROSITY – E Te Atua, Thank you for the many gifts you have given us that make our lives so great. Help us to share those gifts unselfishly with others.  Amen Michael Vaaulu-Smith

3. School Routines

Reminders 1. Use earphones when you are listening to music at break times 2.Students bringing skateboards please don't ride them at break times(we are looking into a storage area for them) 3. Canteen food can only be purchased at morning tea and lunch. A note from a teacher is required for during lesson time. A note from ET if you have a free period.


Reminder - sports jackets and sports and supporter hoodies are not part of our everyday uniform so please don't wear them.


Earrings - as stated in our school code of conduct: Single stud or stud in both ears no bigger then 4mm and of an appropriate colour (clear, gold or silver). Save hoops and dangling earrings, rings, nose studs or hoops for the weekend. Necklaces should not be visible so keep them under polos and shirts. If asked to remove please do so without a fuss and take them home.

Mural club. Please pop in for Thursday lunchtime if you can, otherwise have a great week team. (✿◠‿◠)
WHATS HAPPENING IN THE LIBRARY FOR THE REST OF TERM? Yes the library is still open and we are still issuing books! We also have colouring bookmarks and animal / monster origami bookmarks, our big magnetic poetry board (make the longest sentence) and lots of table top games / challenges. On Friday 29th Nov please come at lunchtime and issue as many books as you wish to take home over the summer. Remember to bring a box or a extra bag if you can!
4. Sport
Cricket - all year 7/8 boys who wish to be considered for team to play Wellesley College next Thursday (28 Nov) please meet in L1 at interval on Friday.
MUST DASH(Moustache)Bike Ride - You will have noticed that many of the staff are growing Moustaches to raise awareness of mens health. We also have some female staff members who are supporting mens health in other ways. On Friday 29th of Movember, Mr Sutherland will be cycling on an indoor trainer for all of his classes period 1-4 plus break times.(He is not sure if this is physically possible!) He will be speaking to his classes about how we can support our own mental well being and the mental well being of those around us, from his bike! AT 1.40pm all student and parents are invited to join Mr Sutherland for 1 hour of MOving. This is to either run/walk continuously around our school field. You MUST sign up and give a donation to enter. Mr Sutherlands MOvember focus is Mens Mental Health and suicide prevention. Students MUST sign up in advance for this event. Sign ups will be on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th of Movember at the school office. You must have your donation with you when you sign up. Students will be dismissed from school at the conclusion of the 1 hour. People participating are asked to wear their favourite sports teams top etc to promote getting'MO-ving' See Mr Sutherland with any questions
5. General-Seniors-Tuakana



C9      Level 2 Mathematics    A100 - D116 

C10    Level 2 Mathematics    D117 - H100 

D6      Level 2 Mathematics    H101 - J115 


C8      Level 1 Music              E106 - L120

C9      Level 2 Accounting      D103 - H122

C10    Level 3 History            A103 - C118

6. General-Junior-Teina
YEAR 7 & 8 MUSIC WITH MR CRISP: Meet at Gym for Friday P5 lesson as you will have Mr Hewson taking you for sport. Pass it on to any students who might not know. Thanks
All year 7 and 8 classes need to meet outside the main block (where we have hui) for tutor time today. Mr Sutherland will be talking about Nominations for our new COLLEGE HEART AWARD.
Yr106. General-Junior-Teina
Pacific on Track: This Thursday 21st.

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