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Monday 25-Feb-2019

All Year Levels1. Prayer

Timetable - Week B

LOVE GOD, SELF, OTHERS : FOCUS FOR THE WEEK - PB4L - Showing pride in our school by wearing correct uniform neatly and being handsomely groomed .

Gospel value for this week – Self Control – Is to control one’s self, feelings, actions, or emotions eg – counting to 10 instead of hitting when someone makes you angry, keeping your comments to yourself when you feel like answering back, not swearing when you hurt yourself on the corner of the desk 


Timetable - Week B

LOVE GOD, SELF, OTHERS : FOCUS FOR THE WEEK - PB4L - Showing pride in our school by wearing correct uniform neatly and being handsomely groomed .

Gospel value for this week – SELF CONTROL– E Te Atua, Thank you for the gift of life and all the good in this world. Help us to be kind people who act with self control towards others. Amen Jayden Tyne

2. Special Character

Aluminium Can Drive - The second fundraiser for the 40 Hour Famine.

Located underneath the sports board near Mr Karawana's office will be a large bin with a white sign on it. This bin will be for Aluminium cans only.

We ask that you dispose of your cans here and if you are interested in entering into the competition and want your contribution added, be sure to contribute on Mon/Wed/Fri 8:05-8:20 and we will take your name down. Top 5 earners get a pizza lunch!

There is also a secondary bin at the back of the canteen!

Any questions ask Dallas Serj Y12!

Pasifika Choir meet Tuesday lunchtime so we can get ready for Ash Wednesday. L6. All welcome.

The 40 Hour Famine Team - Meeting in C1 on Thursday 28th February at Lunchtime.

All students signed up to help out with the 40 hour famine, please attend. Any students who are not signed up but would like to help, should also attend.

Please be prompt. For further enquiries see Dallas Serj Reilly Y12


Public bus users - please remember to stand for adults if their are no seats available. This is good manners.

3. School Routines
Reading Challenge - win a hamper of goodies!! This week we are launching our term 1 reading challenge. Grab a form from Ms Kent and read 3 books during term 1 to be entered into the prize draw! You chose your own books - see the form for the categories! The draw is open to any students in the school.
There are over 200 books OVERDUE at the Library. Please be considerate for other boys and bring back your books, espeacilly if they are popular, no. 1 in a series or the novel 'The Hate U Give'.
All Model United Nation Boys, we have a debate meeting Wednesday after school 3:15 please be prompt in L3. If you can’t make it come to L3 Lunch during the 5 minute meet or tell Dallas S Reilly or Gabriel P Bush.
Library closed on Tuesday lunchtime for yr13 training for Kaiarahi Reading scheme.
4. Sport

EDITED - Sports 4 Hunger - A sports day fundraiser on Saturday 9th March led by Dallas Serj and the 40 Hour Famine group.

Rippa American Football - 11.15am - 12.15pm - Sign up sheet is outside Mr Karawana's office. For futher information, see Gabriel Bush in Y12.

Any students that sign up for a team will be offered a discount on food and drink sold on the day.

These games are for charity, so its all about inclusiveness, fun and fundraising. Open to years 9 - 13.

All boys interested in Year 9 and 10 Touch please meet in L3 at Morning Tea on Monday. Come along, even if you have signed up with Mr Karawana
5. General-Seniors-Tuakana
Please return last year's English books to Mrs O'Brien or your current English teacher. We are happy to have any books back, even your big brother's books from previous years or books you've had for a couple of years!
6. General-Junior-Teina
Year 7 and 8 Hui is starting on Monday 25th of Feb. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ALL year 7 and 8 students and their period 1 teachers will be meeting outside the Montagne Block at 8.40am for a 5 minute Hui. If it is wet this will take place in the Gym. Signs will be out on the day.
Kids Lit Quiz - Team training will begin in M1 at Lunchtime on Tuesdays. Anyone interested in taking part please come along.
Yr135. General-Seniors-Tuakana
The following Year 13 students who have signed up to be a Kaiarahi Reader for a junior student please attend a training meeting in the library Tuesday lunchtime: Royce, Brandon, Lyzchan, Nick M, Darrel, Gabriel E, Josh B, Will, Mitchell, Ethan, Jamie L-W, Jamie L, Patrick S, Jacob Sm, Jacob Sh, Mackenzie, Sam Manusina and MattH.

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