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Student Notices

Tuesday 21-Feb-2017

All Year Levels1. SCHOOL ROUTINE

Week 4

Day 6

8.50 - 10.00    Period 1

10.05 - 11.10 - Period 2


Late Detention: The following students need to meet with the Dean at 3:15pm in SR1, Tuesday 21 February, failure to do this will result in a school detention this Friday.

Smith, Jeremy                9BD                                                                                        
Samin, Mustafa               9BK                                                                                        
Turner, Romero               9BTD                                                                                      
Grigas-Cleaver, Aleks      9MRT                                                                                    
Toimata, Sione                9NJP                                                                                      
Malagamaalii, Satuala      9RD  

Roskam, Arie                  10GZ                                                                                      
Hunt, Toby                      10KMH                                                                                 
Fermanis, Jared              10MAU                                                                                 
Richardson, Theo           10MLG  


Liu, Barry                       11AAS                                                                                   
Cai, Eric                         11AAS                                                                                   
Dixon, Haven                  11BG                                                                                     
Nguyen, Quan                11BG                                                                                     
Jung, Jason                   11CMT                                                                                  
Pisa-Oliver, Christian     11EZ                                                                                       
Malu, Patrick                  11JT                                                                                       
Galvin, Kane                  11JT                                                                                       
Ailao, Konelio                11JT                                                                                       
Yin, Jack                        11MN                                                                                    
Rampton, James            11RCS                                                                                    
Tonga, George               11RE      


Dunne, James                  12BJ                                                         
Marshall, Rowan              12CM                                                                                    
Somerville, Conor           12CM                                                                                  
Turia-Bennett, Amaru       12ES                                                                                       
Baker, Fin                        12ES                                                                                       
Parker, Cyzck                  12ES                                                                                       
Cooper, Wareti                 12ES                                                                                                
Consedine, Ethan            12JLL                                                                                
Autapa, Sumet                 12JR                                                                                       
Clayton, Alex                   12JR                                                                                       
Fermanis, William            12JR                                                                                       
Shelford-Morrell, Mauriora   12JR                                                                                       
Young, Calvin                   12JR                                                                              
Bidgood, Matt                   12LB                                                                                       
Barber, Theo                     12LB                                                                                       
Robson, Cai                      12LB                                                                                       
Cordwell, Stefan               12LB                                                                                                
Beard, Sam                      12LR                                                                                       
Brown, Marco                   12LR                                                                                       
Shallcrass-Wong, Jonathan    12LR                                                                                                
Zhang, John                     12MH                                                                                    
Heyworth, Michael            12MH                                                                                   
Pitawala, Ravin                 12MM                                                                                   
Jeon, Gabe                      12MM                                                                                  
Ash, David                       12MV                                                                                    
Fa'asalele, James             12MV                                                                                    
Crawford-Vito, Tennessee     12MV                                                                                    
Batisan, Ely                     12MV                                                                                                
Kanicki, Mariusz              12NF                                                                                                
Ashby, Stefan                  12PJL                                                                                                
Monroe, Max                    12TH                                                                                                
Newell, Tim                     12TR                                                                                      
Robertson, Izzy               12TR                      





10JRB: You have the honour and the privilege of being the duty tutor group for Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 1.  Report for duty at 12.55pm in the corridor outside Mr Ashby's office.  Do not be late.


Year 13 Students - All Year 13 leaders should check the College Website to see what leadership opportunities are available. Please seriously consider the options available and apply to the teacher in charge.


ISA Leaders

Please meet in Mr Ellett's office at 12.30 Wednesday.


Scholarship Physics - Tutorials will run on Day 4 lunchtimes in S3. The first one is on Feb 27th.


Scholarship English

This will commence on 28th February 2017 and will take place every day 5 thereafter. All members of year 13 are welcome; be aware that Mr Reynolds is running an alternative class on day 6.


Pasifika Performance Group (Poly Club): This group will be starting up again in week 5 this term with several performance events on the calendar already, including Cultural Extravaganza, Tu Tangata and WC's 150th. Practices will be Monday lunch and afterschool. If you would like to be involved you must formally register online at http://www.sporty.co.nz/wcarts/Arts-Activities-Registration/Pasifika-Group

Registrations close 27th February.


Public Speaking: the first external Public Speaking comp for 2017 is the Race Unity Speech comp  - entries by end March. The topic is Standing up to Racism - that's us!.Open to years 11-13. If you are interested see Ms Hazledine (L5) or Mr Everett. WC has a good track record in this comp - let's keep it up. 


Senior Interschool Debating: There will be a trial, in the form of impromptu speaking  for all year 11's wanting to do interschool debating Tuesday lunchtime in L8 - see Ms Hazledine if you can't make it 


Poly Club: All students who want to be involved in the Pasifika Performance group need to attend a short meeting at INTERVAL TODAY in P4 (Drama room) to go over registration and expectations of group. 


Politics Club: Apologies for last week's meeting. This Wednesday 22nd Feb at lunchtime in P3, we will debate the topic of "big government vs. small government", and split along party lines to debate this issue.


Stage Challenge 2017: the biggest WC Arts Event of the year is about to kick off - we're looking for 100 enthusiastic, energetic boys to perform on stage - if you can dance that is a bonus. There is a sign -up and info meeting in the Brierley interval Friday this week but it would be helpful if you would also sign up on line in the extracurricuar Arts site beforehand - no payment needed at this stage http://www.sporty.co.nz/wcarts/Arts-Activities-Registration/Stage-Challenge-2    Auditions will be in the Brierley over lunchtimes next week - Monday Yrs 9 and 10, Tuesday Yrs 11 and 12, Wednesday Yr13. If you can't come on your appointed day, come another day. Any queries see Ms Hazledine or Miss Howes. 


Young and Hungry Theatre Ambassadors: applications are open for the positions (2x) of Theatre Ambassadors for WC. This amazng opportunity enables you to go to many theatre performances over the course of the year - free of charge and with theatre ambassadors form other schools. See Ms Hazledine or Miss Howes for application forms . Applications close 1 March 



"THE BARON'S CLUB: After a successful meeting last Friday this coming Friday the Club will meet and discus the following: 'The Normalization of terrorism and counter terrorism (particularly in Western Society), P.C. Pros. and Con's, Also New Zealand's abnormal Fear of the Russians in the 19th century and the greatly asked for topic H.T.P.O.W. Cheers Tristan.'


Next Creative Writers' Club meeting: Thursday, 23 February, lunchtime, Library classroom upstairs. bring along your proposed title for our anthology.


Pre-Season Rugby Training Pre-season rugby continues this week on Tuesday and Friday 3.30 after school on the main fields. This is compulsory for any of you wanting to make the U15A side (however it's also open to any junior player wanting to have a runaround). Contact Mr Gilbertson in person or through email if you cannot make it due to other commitments. Thanks, Mr Gilbertson


Hockey Registrations Closing Soon!  Reminder - The final date to register for Hockey (for those wanted to attend trials) is 28 February 2017.  Register on the WC Sports Website.  Detailed trail information will be sent to all those who have registered (and placed on the club website) after the closing date.  If you don't want to trial but you still want to play hockey, please register and then email wellingtoncollegehockeyclub@gmail.com with NO TRIAL in the subject line and we will place you in one of the lower grade teams.


Rugby - Registrations are open online: Click here to register: http://www.sporty.co.nz/viewform/25778.  All players must attend the weigh-in on Wed 22 Feb in Sports Centre at 12.35pm.  Any issues, see PM or LR.


Softball Wednesday lunch time 1) coaching clinic for pitchers and catchers 2) fielding for others including all who haven't trialed yet.Go to bottom field by St Marks.
Friday 3.30 practice-meet in front of pavilion.  M1 if wet.


Year 12 & 13 students interested in IT courses at Whitirea in 2018 can attend an open afternoon this Thursday 23rd February from 3.30-7pm at the Wellington Campus, 15 Dixon Street. 


WC Nepal 2017:  Meeting 24th February at 12.40 in M3. Make sure you have done your research and bring all the relevant information to this meeting. We need to be prepared for our meeting with Josh on Wednesday 1st March.  If you are unable to attend, please let me know asap. 


Space Camp - Information evening for parents and students this Thursday 630 in the library.


The Uniform Shop will now be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am till 1.30pm. If you bought something from the shop last Tuesday (7th) and have since lost it, please come to the shop to claim it.


eBooks are available again! Just go to the eBook page on the Girvan Library website and browse or search for a title of your choice.  Click on the cover image and borrow the eBook using your Wellington College id and password. Happy reading!


Named Lost Property:

Found: Key found on turf, has purple glitter painted on the top-see Student Reception

Found: Metlink Ticket Wellington to Porirua-See Student Reception

Lost: Orange, Black and Green ear phones - please bring to lost property

Shoes Please check you are wearing the right shoes. Are they to big, come and swap them at Lost Property


Notices printed at: 20-02-2017 09:31pm